What Is Vat19?


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Sam Ralston, contributor

Do you want curious, awesome gifts? Do you want an awesome gift for a friend? There is a website, Vat19 that has curiously awesome gifts. Vat19 has a lot of stuff I’m going to categorize into 5 groups, food, fidget toys, kitchen supplies, and office supplies This story is about the crazy products of Vat19. 


Vat19 has a lot of edible things like gummies, spicy foods, random things, and drinks. They have a 5-pound gummy bear, which is huge. Vat19 is known for the hottest stuff like the toe of satan, The World’s hottest chocolate, spicy jelly beans and so much more. They also have a bunch of drinks like Bob ross energy drink. I really want to try this just so I can have some positive vibes.  


Vat19 has a bunch of toys like putty and stress balls. Vat19 sells over 20 Crazy Aaron Thinking Putties. My favorite one is the cosmic solar wind. I think that it looks and feels amazing. Vat19 has a bunch of stress balls. I think that the Black Pearl stress ball looks fantastic and I would want to buy it. You can play with these toys at school, I say the stress ball is the best one for the school.


 Vat19 is known for its thinking putty, but did you know that Vat19 has kitchen things like a cotton candy machine, the world’s smallest blender, and a soup & cracker mug set? Vat19 has a cotton candy machine where you can make your own cotton candy with different flavors. Vat19 has a bunch of The world’s smallest things, but the best one has got to be the world’s smallest blender. It works, you can use it for tiny drinks, it looks good in your kitchen, and it’s small and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Vat19 has really useful things like soup & cracker mugs. It is useful to keep the crackers in the mug instead of taking a pack of crackers up to your room.


Vat19 has a bunch of home decor; like a gummy bear chair, a dumpling light, a jellyfish lamp, and a rechargeable light bulb. Vat19 is known for its gummy bears, but do you want to sit on a gummy bear? Weill, if that’s the case, then you should see the gummy bear chair. It’s a chair that is shaped like a gummy bear but it is not edible. Do you need a night light for night-time? Well, Vat19 has a dumpling night light. Do you want to look at fish? Vat19 has a jellyfish lamp that looks like a jellyfish floating in a tank but it is not a real jellyfish. Do you hate when your lightbulb goes out? Vat19 has a rechargeable lightbulb that will change the way that you will use lightbulbs.


Do you want to decorate your office? Well, if so, then you can buy things for your office at Vat19 like a never-ending inkless pen, an otter tape dispenser, a ramen notepad, and a feather pen. Do you hate it when your mechanical pencil runs out of lead? well, when your pen runs out of ink. I got a solution for you at Vat19 the inkless pen. Doesn’t use any lead ink or anything it uses metals to write with. Do you want a different tape dispenser? well, Vat19 has an otter tape dispenser that is cute and useful. Do you want to feel old school? Vat19 has a feather pen to feel old school but it has ink so for the aesthetic of your desk. Are you sick of the regular post-it note and want something different? Vat19 has a ramen notepad that will make your plain old boring post-it notes a lot more fun.

Vat19 has even more stuff than this list. My favorite from each of them is the black pearl stress ball, the Bob Ross energy drink, the cotton candy machine, the jellyfish lamp, and the inkless pen. All of them are so interesting. Thanks to Vat19 for all of the very weird and interesting gifts or toys. You can follow them on Youtube and much more.