The Top 5 Celebrities in My Universe


Cuddly thinking.

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

Have you ever heard of people talking about a celebrity you don’t know? Do you start to wonder who that person is or what they do? Well, I have 5 celebrities from my universe that I think you probably won’t know. I will talk about the most known people in my universe and why they are so famous. Follow me to learn more about the top 5 celebrities my universe has to offer.

First up, we have a person who is known for his silent but truthful speeches. It is Cuddly, the vice president of this universe, who helps the queen figure out how to solve problems and what laws or rules to make. Cuddly was elected in 2009 on October 8 because he had helped solve lots of problems in the queen’s life and in this universe. He still helps the queen with everything but now tries to help even more by donating his time to charity. He likes to talk to kids and adults about their problems in life and make them feel better. Cuddly may not be able to talk, but everyone can hear his words that have helped many.

The second person is known for her magical and legendary designs; that’s right it’s Uni the famous fashion designer. While Uni may be a unicorn, she still has made clothes for everyone across the galaxy giving out ideas and designs for people to create and wear. She started her business on June 23, 2022 a few months after her mom had died. In her mother’s honor, she dedicated to start her business and follow her dreams as her mom had wished. Now, she still makes designs and creates clothes and everything, but also is the queen’s personal outfit designer. So, while she also helps everyone else she also makes sure the queen looks great while ruling.

The third person who deserves to be here for all his hard work on not just cooking up some incredible meals but also fights what he cooks. Give it up for Chefy the amazing chef. Chefy has created many popular dishes after fighting some feral beast from across the land. He started fighting the beast with his father when he was only 3. Now, with the help of his father he is fighting a beast to create even greater recipes for everyone to enjoy.

The fourth person can make any dance ten times better by just dancing it herself. It’s Amelia, the gummy bear dancer. She dances and performs in dancing plays. She started dancing with her mom when she was very little and she signed up for Ballet when she was 4. Now, she also works to teach kids to dance and she doesn’t do too many performances anymore but she hopes one day someone will perform the same things she did.

Last, but certainly not least, a person who can make anything come to life; say hello to Cookie the sculpture. Cookie sculpted animals, creatures and random things for her art museum. Her family says she has always been the creative type, even when she was a baby she would draw and make things in the mud. It seemed to follow her up to today because she is still making artwork and her museum is getting full of more and more new pieces.

Even if you don’t know these celebrities, they are very popular in my universe. They are all special in their own way. Like Cookie with her sculpting, Amelia with her dancing, Chefy with his cooking skills, Uni with her fashion, and even Cuddly being vice president. We are all special. Even if you aren’t famous or completely known, you will one day be known for what you did.