Don’t Get Addicted to Your Phone

Don't spend all of your time on your phone (Boston Globe).

Don't spend all of your time on your phone (Boston Globe).

Sydney Douglas, Junior Reporter

I think kids spend too much time on phones, outside of school.  There are so many things that kids could be doing other than on their phones.  Smartphones can distract kids from doing their homework, become less active, and even cause health problems.

Homework is very important and can affect your grade big time in school!  When kids do bad on their homework, smartphones can be one of the reasons why. According to Child Mind, the concentration level is “pretty bad, according to a recent study that found the mere presence of a smartphone reduces a person’s ability to focus” (Rachel Ehmke).  Sometimes, right when kids get home they go straight to their phones.  Therefore they get too caught up on whatever and forgets about their homework.  When most kids (adults too) do work they have their phone within arms reach.  Having a phone near, makes people wonder if they have gotten a text, call, Snapchat, etc….  Since you’re thinking too much about that, you lose concentration on your homework.  It’s also time consuming.  When you are on your phone, you’re not doing your homework.  

You may not think phones can cause health problems, but it can cause problems in your future life!  According to my dad, Dr. Bryan Douglas says, “when a kid looks down at their phone it causes neck straining, which can lead to posture problems (can’t hold their head up, back problems, or walk bent forward) when he/she gets older”.  According to Psychologist World, “recent research suggests that increasing smartphone usage is making a good night’s sleep more difficult.”  Check out Psychologist World for the reasons why.  When kids turn 15 or 16 years old they start to drive and a lot of them have phones.  Some kids (and adults) text and call while driving which can cause car wrecks.  According to Texting and Driving Accident Statistics, globally 1.6 million people are in car wrecks caused by texting while driving. Out of those injuries, 11 teens die every day while texting and driving.

Even though some smartphones can count your steps and play music, doesn’t mean phones can get you outside and move your body.  According to TIME Health, “Texting or talking on the phone while exercising can worsen your balance and workout intensity, according to recent research.  People who are addicted to their phones spend a lot of time sitting and playing games, checking social media, texting/calling, etc…  Being a so called “couch potato”.  It’s not that hard, to go outside and walk for a while.  While out there you can take in something wonderful, which is called nature!

There are many other things in the world to do other than to be on your phone.  Kids and adults are risking health issues, not doing homework, or physical activity.  If you’re wondering, “What is the amount of time that should be spent on my phone”?  According to Allina Health, “if you’re older than two, you should get no more than two hours TOTAL in a day” (Allina Health).