Fidget Spinners: Helpful or Distracting?

A variety of fidget spinners. Source: CNN

Lenia Crouch, Reporter

Fidget Spinners are the latest craze with kids these days. They might look cool, but they are incredibly distracting and cause many issues in school. I personally, being a 7th grader have had a lot of experience with these toys. Spinners create a humming noise that stresses out others and look mesmerizing unlike your math homework. Supposedly, fidget spinners are meant to be fidgets. They commonly are not used for this purpose and this is where the problem is.  Want to know why fidget spinners are better left at home than in the classroom? Keep on reading.

If you own a fidget spinner, you know that it probably makes a light humming noise. This noise might seem like it is easily ignored or can be zoned out. While this might be the case, it can also be like a firework going off in your classroom. Students using fidget spinners need to be aware of their surroundings and other pupils. If they can’t be used properly then spinners shouldn’t be used at all. Fidget spinners can be used to help students with a variety of medical issues. Spinners are advertised to be able to help with anxiety, ADHD or ADD, or anyone who has trouble paying attention. When Fidget Spinners first came out, they were used for this purpose. Eventually, they started to become toys to students that were already doing fine in school. This is where the issue is with fidget spinners began. Students try to see who has the coolest design or who can have the most fidget spinners, sprawling them out all over their desk where other students admire the toys. The students admiring the toys are no longer doing their work, but watching someone spin a toy labeled as a fidget. As a student, I find it really hard to focus when my peers are spinning a spinner on their nose or tongue. When they set a Fidget Spinner on the desk, they create a loud noise upsetting a lot of the class, breaking students focus. Spinners might be labeled as helpful, but that doesn’t mean that they are truly being used that way.

Fidget Spinners come in a large variety of designs. Certain designs are obviously just made for toys. Companies that manufacture these toys know that kids are using them incorrectly. They make the fun designs for kids that are using them as toys because they basically collect them. The original ones with solid colors are the best for kids with a reason to be using them. If you are focusing on it being on your nose, it is no longer a fidget, but a toy.

I haven’t provided any statistics, but here are some. I asked 16 people, “Do you think that fidget spinners are toys or fidgets?” and 13 out of 16 answered toys. This shows that most people think that they are toys, not fidgets. The last question the margin of people were asked was; Do you think that fidget spinners belong at school? 50% answered yes and 50% answered no. This data shows that the majority of people answering these questions think that fidget spinners don’t help children focus, but are toys which don’t belong at school. 

If you have a fidget spinner, think about it. Does it really seem like a toy, or something to fidget with? There are many more things to fidget with, I personally use my rubber bracelet to fidget with. If you have a fidget spinner make sure that you are being respectful with it, especially if you bring it to school. Fidget spinners are not helping the majority of kids, and shouldn’t be used as a fidget. If you own a fidget spinner, maybe now you will think before you spin.