Scotland Through My Mommy’s Eyes

Lucia Hernandez, Contributor

My mom, Juana, was in the military, and because of that she got to travel to lots of places. She also just likes to travel. One of her favorite places she’s been to is Scotland. She’s always been very expressive about it with me and my sister. I’ve asked her some questions about it to see what she experienced over there and she came up with a lot of cool answers that you can read down below 


Q:When did you go to Scotland?

A:”I went 3 different times. The first time would have been in 1998. Once probably during new years in 1999. And once in 2000.”

Q:Why did you go to Scotland?

A:I wanted to go for new years. I took Joel, my brother, because he wanted to go. The first time was an Impromptu road trip.

Q: Did anybody go with you?

A: Yes. I went with a couple of friends the first time. The second time was an organized tour, and I went with a group of friends. And again I went with Joel, my brother.“

Q: What was your favorite part?

A: “I loved the scenery and the Highlands. The local people are super friendly. Experiencing the culture and history of Scotland. And they had good drinks.”

Q: What was the worst part? 

A: “Probably when I traveled with Joel and we had been in the car for too long, and we didn’t know where we were going. Joel had a meltdown in the car.”

Q:What’s an interesting food you had?

A:”I was not brave enough to try Haggis. It’s basically the leftover stuff and they cook it in the stomach lining. Popular places in Europe were kebab stands and those were my favorite. Those are Turkish kebabs. Pub food was good too.”

Q:Did you hear any bagpipes?

A:”Possibly at Edinburgh Castle.” 

Q:Anything over there that surprised you?

A:”I had already been in England for a while so there wasn’t much culture shock. I wouldn’t say surprised, but the scenic views and the highlands were more beautiful than I anticipated.”

Q:What was your first impression of Scotland?

A:”I loved it so much. The people are friendly, welcoming, and jovial. Also all the old buildings and the fact that they’re so old and still being used. They were hundreds of years old.”

Q:Would you recommend going?


I had a lot of fun listening to my mom’s answers. Everything was very interesting and she definitely had a lot to say about Scotland. I didn’t know she had gone 3 times until now. Scotland must have been awesome for her if she went back more than once. If you want to learn about the Highlands in Scotland, click here.