Emporia High School and Middle School Played Together at the EHS Football Game

Leyna Allen, Contributor

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October 13, 2017 was the day when most of the people of Emporia, KS watched EHS and EMS band play together at EHS’s last football game of the season. Here I interviewed EMS students Sydney Douglas and Cadence Butler who participated in playing with the band.

Sydney Douglas:” I went to the game because one, it was for a grade and, two my brother plays varsity football and we go to every high school football game. When it was time to go eat my mom took me then went back to work. Then my parents, grandparents, and one of my cousins came too. I thought it was fun because I go to a lot of football games and when the marching bands come out and march I think it’s so cool, and I got to be apart of that.”.

Cadence Butler: “I went to the EHS Football game because our band was playing and it was part of our grade. I went with my mom and my sister, Colee. This was a fun experience because I got to march with our band and the High school band and my friends and I messed around and had fun.”.

Just like the people I  interviewed I also went to the EHS Football game and participated in the combination of the Middle School and the High School band playing  during the game. On our team’s side of the stadium there were at least 200 people sitting in their seats while the smell of hot dogs and popcorn filled the air. I sat by my friends as we ate some apples and bananas and we watched the game until it was our turn to play for half time.Together as a band we played “Get Down Tonight”, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, and “Help Me Rhonda”. As we stood on the field playing we sounded better than I actually expected, the bass drum kept us in the beat, the flute played angelically, and the saxophones played a rich sound. It all just sounded amazing. After we were done playing we heard the applause and all together we walked off the field.

In conclusion, the students of EMS and EHS Band cheered the Spartans last and final game of the season by playing during halftime. There was laughter, excitement, joy, and cheering that night at the Emporia State University and I hope in the future that you will go and be a part of that.