Students Shouldn’t be Required to Wear School Uniforms

Uniforms? Yes or No

Uniforms? Yes or No

Leyna Allen, Jr. Reporter

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Students shouldn’t be required to wear school uniforms. I chose this topic because this has been an argument between students that’s been going on for quite awhile. I’ll be talking about the difference between the cost, comfort, and uniqueness of uniforms and regular clothes.

Wearing school uniforms doesn’t allow students to express themselves in their own individual ways. According to experts, “Some girls really, really hate – absolutely hate – to wear skirts. It is a dated system. In any other walk of life, we wouldn’t dream of telling girls that they have to wear a skirt”( sent a survey asking students about whether they would like to wear school uniforms or not and an estimate around 80% said no, 15% said they wouldn’t care and 5% said yes. In the 80% of the people who said no they also commented that wearing school uniforms doesn’t allow kids to express themselves.

School clothes are expensive, like super expensive, and you have to buy new clothes every school year. While regular clothes aren’t that expensive and you get more out of your money. Another thing is that for uniforms you have to wear a specific color and sometimes stores don’t have the color you might also have to pre-order to get that brand and that is just a waste of time. But if you buy from a regular store like everyone else, your child gets to wear the clothes that he or she would like.

Let’s be honest…. UNIFORMS ARE UNCOMFORTABLE! Not all girls and boys are comfortable wearing uniforms. Anyway, regular clothes are so much comfier than school uniforms. I sent a survey asking students if they think that school uniforms are comfortable. To my surprise, most of them said that uniforms do not seem at all comfortable. Some even added a side note saying that wearing regular clothes is cheaper and comfier than uniforms.

The cost, comfort, and uniqueness is what makes normal clothes so much better than uniforms. I believe that students shouldn’t be required to wear school uniforms.  Go out and tell your friends and families why they shouldn’t even think about buying you a school uniform.

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