BIG Question: Are French Fries Truly French?

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French Fries: one of the most popular fast-foods. We all know the name of them, but are French Fries really French, despite their name? I will be answering this question and explaining the history of the french fry.

I did some very intense research, and eventually found that France gave us many great things such as, the hot-air balloon, the bikini, the sewing machine, and even the Statue of Liberty! Through some research, I found that despite their name, french fries are not French. The fried-potato delicacy actually has been traced back to 1600th Century Belgium. The people of Belgium would eat fried fish, but in the winter when the water froze, they would eat fried potatoes instead.

French fries had their main rise to popularity during World War l. American soldiers are said to have discovered the dish in the more modern times, and since the main language of Southern Belgium is French, that is probably why they are considered “French” fries. This is very interesting to think about, because a few soldiers called this snack French, now they are known world-wide like that.

Now, since I told you all about these yummy foods, you are probably craving some. This doesn’t really answer the question, but I thought I could add some fun. The first place in Emporia with cheap and delicious fries is McDonald’s. There are two locations which are located at, 2810 W. 18 Ave, and 1202 W. 6th Ave. The second place to get good fries is Freddy’s. This personally, is my favorite and their address is, 1400 W 6th Ave. The last place to get scrumptious fries is Braum’s. They have two locations as well which are, 2120 Industrial Rd. and 1028 W. 6th Ave. I hope you can check out these delicious fries sometime!

We all love french fries, right? Through some in depth research, I learned that french fries are not truly French! I told you about the history of the french fry, and how they are actually from Belgium. I also told you some near by delicious french fries. I hope you enjoyed! I also included a link to a video, about how french fries are made.