Do American Women Need A Paid Maternity Leave?

Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

Lenia Crouch, Senior Editor

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The United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world, but we still have our flaws. One of which, is the maternity leave time. Women in the United States have no time off when they have recently given birth or are in labor. Today I am going to be telling you why the United States should give women a longer paid maternity leave.

My first reason behind this, is that when babies are first born, they need ‘skin to skin’ time. This means that the child needs to be touched and snuggled by their mother. Day cares can not offer this, and children will grow up feeling unloved without snuggles and love from their mother. If the mother has to go back to work, then the child might feel sad and not grow up as well as they could’ve. Fathers might have more time off, but they can not offer the same connection as a mother. Mothers are truly the creators of the world.

Secondly, the United States is an incredibly powerful country, but the amount of maternity leave is minimal to other countries. For example, the shortest of the long times is Mexico and Iran, with 12 weeks of paid time off. There are certain countries with 14-15 weeks off, but the most overall is Canada. They allow the mother 40 weeks off (9 months!). This is a lot, but most countries offer at least 10-20 weeks off. The United States offers none. I believe that this is unfair, and that mothers deserve that right.

My final reason, is that mothers don’t decide this, it is merely a part of life. Mothers want to work, to support their families and help the country move forward. In a man’s world, to have to be twice as good to get anywhere. This is true, because women are still getting treated unfairly. I bet that if men were the ones needing time off for something like this, then they would get it. But, because it is women, they don’t. Honestly, this is a natural occurrence, and the United States needs to accept that. I hope that someday soon, they will realize that.

The United States of America, is truly one of the greatest countries in the world! But we also have some flaws, and one is the amount of maternity time off, none! I believe that the United States should give women more time off, as I stated above. My reasoning above is true, and I hope that you understand my thinking behind it.