The Back Story of Braden Ary

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The Back Story of Braden Ary

7th grade football player Braden Ary

7th grade football player Braden Ary

7th grade football player Braden Ary

7th grade football player Braden Ary

Tucker Hill, Contributor

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Today I had a chance to interview my classmate Braden Ary on his day to day life. He plays football and has two little brothers. Here are the questions and answers of the interview.


Question: Do you play a sport or do a after school activity?

Answer: I play football for the Emporia Middle School.

Question:What do your parents do for work?

Answer:My dad works at PT Associates of Emporia and my mom is a district physical therapist.

Question: Do your brothers look up to?

Answer: My younger brothers look up to me for protection since I’m the oldest.

Question:Who’s your inspiration for the sport you play ?

Answer: My dad inspired me for the sports that I play because he is really passionate about sports and it kinda grew on me I guess.

Question: Where did you grow up?

Answer:Igrew up in liberal until I was 4 and then I moved to Emporia.

Question: What did you do over the summer that was really fun?

Answer: Something I did this summer was go to South Dakota.

Question: What is your favorite type of music?

Answer: I like a little bit of everything.

Question: what’s your favorite subject?

Answer: My favorite subject is math because it’s easy.

Question:What’s your favorite movie?

Answer: I like realistic movies .

Question: Why do you like blue so much?

Answer: I just think blue is pretty.

Question:Why do you like sports in the first place?

Answer: Sports are really entertaining.

Questions:Do you like to make a lot of friends?

Answer:I like to make friends and have a open circle.



Braden was amazing in this interview with the Answers. He plays football and loves sports and he’s really nice and cool especially in the interview. He has two younger brothers that look up to him. Braden likes to make new friends so if you can try to be his friend.