You Should Pray For The Wicked

You Should Pray For The Wicked

Mckinsey West, Reporter


Panic! At The Disco’s new album Pray For The Wicked came out this summer on July 22, 2018.  There is no denying the fact that Brendon Urie loves what he does as he gives all in his songs in this album. While their other albums are scattered across different styles of music, this album has one main theme to all of the songs.

Pray For The Wicked has that jazzy feel to it, unlike other albums where their albums really don’t have a specific theme to them. For example, in the album Death Of A Bachelor, Panic!’s songs range from jazzy-rock to a soulful mood. In this album, the brass (trumpet, trombone, and saxophone) have a much more important part to the songs, unlike other albums where they use more of a synth pad or a launch pad.  Without the brass you really wouldn’t get the upbeat feel of the song.

While Say Amen (Saturday Night) isn’t my favorite song of this album, more people have come to love this song over all the other songs. I can see why most of his fans love it, I mean it’s the most upbeat and dramatic song on this album, ask anyone. You can’t help but hear how patient his voice is during this song, for example his voice rising and falling dramatically, and suddenly brass instruments blasting out of nowhere. The power in Brendon Urie’s voice in this song is the power a lot of us fans have been waiting for.  Lots of people took liking to all the dynamics to this song, and the way it makes you feel. “{Say Amen} made me feel energetic, and yes, it’s very dramatic in a way” say’s a student.

The best song on this album is Roaring 20’s. I mean the dynamics are perfect for this song. It gives off the perfect mood of wanting to dance to go along with this album. Brendon gives it his all, as you can tell as his voice kind of gets a little raspy. It makes it so upbeat with all the power the whole band is giving. It makes you kinda dance like Say Amen does. Then, when you stop dancing you start thinking about what he’s saying with his words and what he means. Plus, something about this song that people don’t think about is that this song is kind of about his life. How his 20’s were good (which are referred to as his roaring 20’s), and how he’s nervous about trying to make something big of himself.

Now, if you are interested in hearing Panic! At The Disco’s  and their new album Pray For The Wicked, you can easily find their songs on YouTube. I would recommend Roaring 20’s to listen too. And, for the sake of the band, Say Amen. Since you now have a little bit more of a perspective of Panic! At The Disco’s new album, I really encourage giving them a chance. Then, if you like Panic! At The Disco,   they are on their Pray For The Wicked Tour, they will be at the Sprint Center on February 2nd, 2019.