Why We Should Institute Independent Learning


Christopher Futcher

School kids in classroom.

Nolan Heitman, Jr. Reporter


World Studies is a class in which it combines both Social Studies and Language Arts into one class. The goal of this class is to teach kids time management and acknowledge their weaknesses and conquer them. I am a student of this class and I can tell you it has developed my grades, life skills, and my independence as not only as a student, but as a person. This learning style should be implicated across the nation.


The first reason is due to the increase and maintaining of students’ grades. According to the University of Chicago, reported by The Seattle Times, “… a concept introduced decades ago at the University of Chicago in which there are no F grades and students choose how to approach mastering a subject.” The college students who enrolled in this type of learning decades ago and the students who are currently enrolled in this learning have never ended up with a failing grade.

Life Skills

The second reason is the life skills you gain from this learning style. According to informED, “Independent learning requires the student to develop other secondary skills like planning and making priority lists and deadlines to achieve their goals.” In the class, World Studies, students are given a load of work towards the beginning of the week and are expected to turn in the assigned work in completed and on time. The student decides on what item they work on, not the teacher.


The independence depletes the amount of arrogance a person has and makes a student open to criticism. According to informED, “Independent learning forces students to grapple with both their strengths and weaknesses through the educational process.” The program is shaping a person into a considerate soul with multiple standpoints on subjects. Programs like these force students to agree to disagree or to compromise when the arguments will not stop as well, as having empathy on another student’s ideas.


In conclusion, this program gives kids the opportunity to open up, explore freely, and to express and compare feelings with classmates. I hope that other kids, if given the opportunity, will join this new, independent style of learning. This is why we would implicate this style of learning all across the nation.