Tim Hill’s Story


This is a picture of Tim Hill

Caroline Harrison, Contributer

Everyone knows getting drafted into the major league is the thing every baseball player wants. But sometimes there are obstacles that we never expect that change our lives.  Thanks to Nick Kenny and Tim Hill we have some insight into how hard overcoming obstacles are. 


Tim Hill has never gotten off the easy way with going into the big leagues. Yeah, there are struggles with going to the major leagues. It was not as hard for the other big-league players as it was for Tim. Tim got cancer after being drafted in 2014 college draft 32nd round he got drafted. Tim showed amazing potential throwing strike after strike getting a 1.64 ERA(Earned Run Average). In 2015 Tim noticed there was something very wrong with  him. He was getting out of breath very fast which was weird because he was working out. The Royals trainers thought just some blood work could do the job but little did they know that that little blood work would change Tim’s life forever. According to Royal’s head trainer, Nick Kenny, “Tim had half the amount of hemoglobin a normal person should have.”


Tim thought of the worst because his father had been diagnosed with colon cancer. They caught it too late though for his father. Tim’s father already had stage 4 colon cancer. Tim’s father died 8 years prior when Tim was 17.  After that blood test, Tim got a colonoscopy. The doctor finally located the tumor that would need to biopsy. The doctor knew that it was going to come back cancerous. The doctor was right it came back cancerous, Tim had stage 3 colon cancer. There was evidence that there was cancer in the lymph nodes as well. One of the hardest things for Tim was trying to tell his mom. His mom already have been through this with his dad. Tim didn’t think that he was scared he was more shocked. Now Tim has a long road of treatment ahead of him. (royalsmlblogs.com)


First, Tim, got surgery that removed half of his colon. Then was radiation and chemo. The chemo was only supposed to last 6 months. Tim’s chemo lasted 8 months he had to stop a couple of times. Tim was determined to finish his treatment and by November 2015 he was completed. The Royals send Tim to mini Camp. When Tim showed up he only weighed 150 lb which probably shocked them. The outstanding news was that the cancer was gone. The chemo was almost out of his body. He started working out and gaining weight. Tim Hill has never lost his edge. In the fall of  2017, Tim was put on the 40 man roster. The good news has not ended there by spring he was placed on the 25 man roster almost never giving up a run in his major career.

Tim Hill has never gotten off the easy way with going to the big leagues. With his struggle with cancer. By having to go to regular doctor visits. That has never stopped him from pursuing his dreams. His story is inspiring to help others with cancer. Want to know more click this link