About Cats

The first cat is a hairless cat and the second is a munchkin cat

The first cat is a hairless cat and the second is a munchkin cat

Rose Turpin, contributor

Have you ever wondered about cats? How many cats are there in the world? If you have wondered then you should read this to learn more about them. If you haven’t  wondered then maybe you could still read this so you can learn more. I am writing about cats because they are so cute and sweet I think they are so cool.


There are so many types of cats. There’s altogether 48 breeds of cats. One of the breeds are hairless cats. They have fur but it is small and the same color as their skin. There is also a munchkin cats. They have short legs and are a little chubby.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of cats that don’t have homes. According to dosomething.org, 70 million cats in the US don’t have homes. There are 600 million cats in the world don’t have a home. There are also 860,000 cats who had their owners abandon them.


Cats have a lot of bones. According to Wikipedia they have seven lumbar vertebrae. They also have thirteen thoracic vertebrae. They have so many vertebra’s to help them be more flexible. They have more bones than any person does. They are able to fit in small places because of there bones.


those are some facts about cats. My favorite breed of cat is the hairless cats. I like the hairless cat the best because they are so different and there ugly makes them cute. What is your favorite cat? If you see a stray cat just think about how it might feel, Or think about how it got there in its life. You should adopt a cat from the Animal Shelter or Humane Society.