When I Learned to Play The Stand up Bass


This is a stand up bass.

Will Samuels, Junior Reporter

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument? I have. This story is about me learning to play the stand-up bass, the third instrument I learned to play.  If you are all about accomplishing your goals this story might be for you.

The first day I saw a bass is when my stepdad played the stand-up bass in a band. I enjoyed hearing the stand-up bass line and the music that was being played. I liked hearing the stand-up bass because seeing my stepdad play the bass and seeing his fingers moving all over the fingerboard was impressive.  Then I thought to myself, “I want to learn how to play the stand-up bass”. Then the next day I told my stepdad that I wanted to learn how to play the stand-up bass. He said that he would be willing to teach me a little bit about how to play the bass and help me figure out the basics. He said one of the most important parts of learning to play the bass is to know where the positions are and notes. He told me you need strong fingers to play the stand-up bass and it might hurt at first, but your fingers will get stronger the more you play.

 My stepdad called up a friend of his, another stand up bass player. My stepdad told me he was going to put me into stand up bass lessons with a friend of his. He told me he is really good at playing stand up bass before I went to lessons. When I came back from my lessons my stepdad told me I need to practice every day for one hour. 

The next time I went to lessons I learned my first song on the bass, Hot Cross Buns. When I came home I practiced that song over and over until I could play it perfectly. The hard part of learning to play is that I had to build my calluses in my fingers. It felt like I was trying to cut myself with the dullest knife in the world. Then I eventually became the best in the fourth-grade orchestra.

I continued to play the stand-up bass and still play bass today. I followed my dreams to learn the stand-up bass. It may have hurt but the only reason I play now is that I set my goal and accomplished my goal. I hope you set your goals and accomplish your goals. 


If you want to hear some songs on bass click the two links below

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