Two Symbols of Life and Easter, A Bunny and Easter Eggs

Bailie Stair, Jr. Reporter

Have you ever wonder how other people celebrate the holidays? If you have you’re in luck because today I will be talking about Easter. Have you ever wondered how a bunny came into the scene? Did you ever think about how decorating eggs became a thing to do every year 


 To start it off, I will first talk about the famous Easter bunny and where it came from. The Easter bunny was brought here by Germans from stories of an egg-laying bunny. The children would make nests for the Easter bunny to lay colored eggs in. Now children put baskets instead of nests and gifts are now chocolate eggs, Peeps, and other candy. The bunny was called Osterhase, or Oschter Haws. Rabbits and bunnies are a symbol of a new life.


The second thing you will be reading about is the pretty Easter Eggs. Easter is a religious holiday but some of the celebrations are linked to pagan festivals. Decorating eggs for Easter was forbidden during the Lenten season, so some people would decorate them to mark the end of self-punishment and fasting. Now Lots of people decorate eggs to celebrate Easter if you don’t know how here’s how. You want to put different color food-safe dye into a bowl and then you want to put the hard-boiled egg into the bowl. My family and I like to dye eggs together and eat them later that night at dinner. My favorite part of dying eggs is getting to have my tongue different colors from the dye.

Now I’ll be talking about Easter candy. More specially, the chocolate egg and jelly beans. Easter is the best selling candy holiday after Halloween. One of the best selling candy for Easter is the famous chocolate egg which links to the 19th century of Europe. If you want to make Easter fun you can hide Easter eggs for people to find. In my family, my aunt and grandma hide eggs for me and my sister to find. If you can also fill plastic eggs with different candies. I and my cousins are super competitive against each other when we are finding eggs. I have a good eye so I almost always get the most eggs.

. If you have ever wondered about Easter, I hope you learned more about it. Like how we came to decorate Easter eggs or how the Easter bunny was invented.  If you want to learn some more about Easter then you can go to a History website. What are your favorite about Easter mine Personally is all the candy and finding eggs with friends. Now that you have learned something new here is an article that shows you how to decorate eggs.