Living in Arizona


This is a picture of the Arizona flag with cacti and mountains in the background.

Milo Ovsak, Junior Reporter

Living In Arizona    


Have you ever heard of Arizona? Well, Arizona is a Spanish term for “Arid Zone”. Arizona is located in the southwestern United States. Even though they get very little rain, I still love the state.  Today I will be sharing some facts that I knew myself. Enjoy!


The most important thing to me about Arizona is the nature and family. I love the nature in Arizona. It is much different than Kansas. There is a very different climate than Kansas. The animals are different than Kansas such as different types of snakes, lizards, birds, etc. The smell of the Arizona desert is really fresh. If you smell certain plants it smells like the desert. It’s nice to hear the nature.


There are a whole lot of fun things to do in Arizona such as National Parks. National Parks are a really fun experience in Arizona. If you want to go to any National Parks in Arizona I will list a couple with The Grand Canyon, Saguaro National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, and Monument Valley. In Northern Arizona there are a lot of mountains and snow. If you live in Southern Arizona I recommend buying a cabin in Northern Arizona because of the Southern Arizona heat. There is a big difference between Southern and Northern Arizona. In Southern Arizona there is a lot of desert, cacti, and extreme heat. In Northern Arizona there is a lot of mountains, snow, pine trees, and less cacti and desert.


The biggest city in Arizona is Phoenix. It is a really busy city. There is fun attractions there. Phoenix is such a big city that it is split into different cities such as Mesa, Tempe, Downtown Phoenix, etc. Are you feeling really sweaty and hot on a hot summer day? Go to Phoenix and you can find a water park called “Sunsplash”. It can be really fun!


 In Arizona there is a lot of Nature much different than what we see in Kansas. There are Cacti, mountains, desert, and many different animals. There are also really fun things to do in all of Arizona. Arizona is a beautiful state and I recommend going to visit Arizona


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