EMS Spirit Week.


Bailie Stair

Student Sporting Soccer Hoodie.

Bailie Stair, Beat Reporter

The students and staff of EMS are participating in the second spirit week of the year. The spirit week was constructed by the school’s student council (Stu Co). The first day of the spirit week was “greet everybody by their name” so most teachers handed out name tags for people to wear. The second day of the spirit week was “nobody eats alone and show what your favorite thing to do is”. You were supposed to wear something that shows what you like to do and eat with someone you don’t know. The third day was “random acts of kindness” and that day is due to a student who attended EMS. The last day of the spirit week was Jr. Spartan’s day. The last you are supposed to wear spartan gear to show off pride. If your school does spirit week make sure to participate because that week can be very fun.