Homeschool Vs Public School


School vs. homeschool

Alli Hess, Beat Reporter

Have you ever wanted to switch from homeschool to public school, or from public school to homeschool? Home school and public school are two different things. Some schools don’t allow that much independence. On the other hand, home school is different. It allows you to do school when you want and where you want to.

I have gone to public school my whole life and I have always wondered what it would be like to be homeschooled. So, I decided to ask a classmate who used to be homeschooled his thoughts on homeschool. He said, “I prefer public school over homeschool because I get to see my friends every day. I also get to see multiple teachers every day.” He prefers to go to public school rather than be homeschooled. 

I also asked a different student that has gone to public school their whole life thoughts on wanting to be homeschooled. He said, “ it would be hard not seeing friends every day but I would also enjoy doing school when you want and where you want to.” He thinks that it would be fun to do school when and where you want to but hard because you wouldn’t be able to see your friends every day. 

One thing that would make it hard to be homeschooled is that you have to find a person that will spend time teaching you every day while with public school you just have to go to school and there’s people there to teach you. This would make it easier because you don’t have to worry about hiring someone. 

In my opinion, I think I enjoy public school more than I would enjoy homeschool. I think that in public school you develop better social skills and are able to talk to people all day for most of the year. However, it’s your decision on which is better. Would you choose the freedom of doing school when and where you want but you don’t get to see friends, or would you choose to go to public school and get to see your friends but be on a schedule?