Bailie Stair, Beat Reporter

The light aluminates my room but it’s not the moon cause the moon is pretty and I am not pretty nor will ever be I feel I cry so often my heart and wrists bleed, I feel so lonely in the big room, all alone

My tears soak the bed as I soak my mind with thoughts that keep me up longer than ponder

I’m so lonely, at school I fake my happiness so I can’t let them see what’s bothering me

I’m so lonely, that at dance I will never talk because if I do I might be judged for what I say and do and that only makes one lonelier

I’m so lonely I used to tell my mom what I feel now I only tell my writings how I will make it through the day

I’m so lonely, but I don’t have to be I could be talking and laughing but why fake it when you could break it

I’m so lonely