This Is a picture of Lionel Messi, Considerably one of the best Soccer player in the world.

Keith Dix, Jr, repoter

Have you ever played soccer, and heard the parents cheering or the whistle of the referee and the sound of the ball being kicked? I have for 3 years, and I am currently playing for the ESA (Emporia Soccer Academy).

I have played soccer for three years, two years in TRYSA and 1 year in the Academy. In TRYSA, you have a coach that has had some experience in soccer and your teammates can have up to no experience in playing soccer. In the Academy, you get the main coach and a second coach that can have the same or less experience. In the Academy, you actually have tryouts so only the best players can join.

Have you ever stopped to think of all of the different sounds you can hear in soccer? Well, the one you should hear the most is your teammates calling for the ball or giving you signals to tell you if you have someone coming up from behind or that they are open and you can pass the ball. Another one you will hear is the ball. When someone else has the ball you can hear something that sounds like an explosion from away. It’s better if you’re close but when you have the ball the adrenaline kicks in and you feel a rush of speed it stays from the opposing team or to go to the ball. The third is to listen to your coach and the referee. Your coach will tell you where to go and what to do better. The referee will tell you what just happened if it was a handball, a free-kick, a corner kick, etc.

One very important thing you need is the equipment. You will need your soccer cleats. I recommend getting a good pair of Nikes or Adidas so that they will last a long time. Second, you will need to buy a uniform from your coach and maybe socks. Next, you will need to get your own shin guards and I think that it would be a good idea to get some ankle braces for protection against all of the holes in the ground. I think that you should have some way to carry all of these things. My favorite thing is a backpack because they are easier to carry and a lot of people have a backpack than a duffel bag for all of their soccer gear. Last, is to make sure you have a lot of water to drink and to stay hydrated.

In conclusion, now that you know these things about soccer I hope you will go out and try it for yourself and find a way to be active outside of P.E class. I love soccer because when you get to the professional level you get paid a lot and it’s really fun.
Here are some sites to help you understand soccer more clearly.