Middle School Sports

Some sports equipment

Some sports equipment

Keith Dix, Beat Reporter

Are you a Middle School student? If so have you ever wanted to know what sport to play, and If you could even make the team? Well, I’m going to tell you about the top five sports I am doing and some information about them.

I like Soccer because I have a lot of speed that I can easily use on the pitch, which is just a soccer field, and on a big field like that you can do some pretty cool plays. I play for the Academy which costs $300 the first year and $200 every other year. We have two practices a week and then two league games every other weekend on the same day then we have 1-2 tournaments that we either play in Kansas City and/or in Manhattan. These games are in Kansas City.

I like Futsal because you can use the skills and foot movements easily on this smaller basketball-size court. A Futsal court is on a basketball court but with different lines. It is also for the Academy which only costs $100 every year. We only have 1 practice a week and 2 games every weekend on the same day. We did not have a tournament because there were not enough teams for it. The games were in Lawrence.

Cross Country
I like Cross Country because there is a lot of running, which I’m good at. I played it for the middle school and it did not cost anything. We practice every day and meets every other week some of them during school. The meets were all over the place near Emporia.
I am waiting for track season to start, but I know I will like it because I have a lot of speed which you need. It does not cost anything except for your shoes. I am going to play for Middle school and I do not know when practices or races are.

The only reason why it is last is that I have never played it before, but I wanted to. Basketball is fun when I play with my friends. Jared says that they have practice every day after school except on Tuesday and Wednesday when it is before school. It does not cost anything.

In conclusion, these are the sports I play/want to play, how much they cost, when the practices are, and what the sport is about. I think that you should go out and try a sport that you like because it never hurts to do something fun that keeps you in shape.