How To Do a Soccer Rainbow

Three steps on how to do a rainbow.

Three steps on how to do a rainbow.

Keith Dix, Beat Reporter

Who do you prefer, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? Would you want Messi’s dribbling and shooting skills or Ronaldo’s jumping skills? Have you ever wanted to do some of those skills? Well, I’m going to teach you how to Rainbow a soccer ball.

First, (This process works best if the ball is in motion). If you’re right-footed then approach the ball from the left side. but if your left-footed approach the ball from the right side. Doing this will help you be in the right motion for the next step. It will also help you put your foot in the right place.

Second, for right-footed people put your right foot’s heel on the front-facing side and a little bit to the right of the ball and your left foot sideways on the back left side. If you’re left-footed then put your left foot on the forward-facing side and your right foot on the back right side. The motion from this step and the last step will help you with the 3rd step.

Third, for right-footed people roll the ball with your left foot onto the back of your right foot and kick your right foot backward and up in an arch shape. If you’re left-footed then with your right foot roll the ball onto your right foot’s heel and do the same motion with your foot. This third step is what makes the ball go over your head and in front of you. Make sure that if you are doing this to get past someone to go around them while the ball is in the air so you don’t just run into them.

Finally, watch as the ball goes over your head and when it gets in front of you. Get control by tapping the ball with the top of either foot and making it continue moving in front of you. The tapping of your foot on this step is like what you would do when you are juggling the ball. But making it go straight in front of you instead of up in front of you.

In conclusion, a Rainbow is a very helpful skill when you have mastered it when you need to get past someone. Practice doing these steps of the run-up, then roll over and the flick. Here is a clip of someone doing it in a real game.

Rainbow clip:

This is me doing a rainbow: