In Side The Mind Of Gavin


This is Gavin deep in thought.

Brody Telfer, contributor

I am so excited to interview Gavin. Gavin is in seventh grade and is 12 years old and is almost 13. Gavin is in my social study class.

Q: Who had a big impact in your life and why
A: My mom and dad had a big impact on my life because they helped me with something in my life.

Q: Who is someone that you look up to and why
A: My mom and dad again they really were the people I look up to because they help me with a lot of things.

Q: Who in your family has a job that you would want when your older and why?
A: I don’t have a family member that has a job that I want because I want to be a vet and none of my family members are vets.

Q: who kept you going when you wanted to stop and what did they say?
A: My mom and dad kept me going in my life when I wanted to stop and they didn’t really say much except to just keep going.

Q: do you have any family traditions and why are they important to you?
A: I have traditions like birthdays and Christmas but they aren’t super important to me because I just don’t like birthdays or Christmas.

Q: What is your favorite part about EMS?
A: I like going to school and seeing my friend and talking to them.

Q: Can you tell me something that was really funny that happened in school?
A: When I was in 6 grade last year, I wasn’t paying attention and I fell on the floor because my chair flipped over.

Q: Do you have any favorite classes and if so what are they?
A: I like math because I am a really smart person and a lot of my friend are in my math class.

Q: What is your favorite school lunch?
A: Bosco sticks because they are really cheese and like mozzarella sticks and I like mozzarella sticks.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher and why?
A: MR. Skiles because he is the best teacher at EMS.

Q: Who cooks your favorite food?
A: My mom cook my favorite food at my house.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: spaghetti because I love noodles. I am a noodle guy.

Q: Do you have food that you eat all the time at your house and what is it?
A: The food that I eat all the time is Orange Chicken. I only like orange chicken from Panda Express.

Thank you again for showing me what it is like for the life of a seventh grader. I learned many things about Gavin like he loves cats a lot. I am so glad I could interview Gavin.