A look into 7th grade Online, Interview with Landree Kinsey

7th grader, Landree Kinsey

7th grader, Landree Kinsey

Emily Spellman, Contributor

 I was interviewing a 7th grader for the EMS sound. Landree was the interviewee.

Emily: How did you feel when you first came to EMS?

Landree: Kind of weird because there were a lot of kids but I’m not a very shy person so pretty excited.

Emily: How do you feel about being a 7th grader this year?

Landree: I mean, It doesn’t really feel any different from last year.

Emily: And what do you hope to learn this year?

Landree: I want to learn more about history stuff and math.

Emily: So are those the classes you would like to take or are there different ones?

Landree: I always want to take math because I love math and yeah same for social studies.

Emily: What is your favorite core class and why?

Landree: Probably math

Emily: What sports are you playing this year since you can try out this year?

Landree: I’m not going to be playing for the school but, I ‘m going to play soccer.

Emily: What’s your favorite elective?

Landree: Band

Emily: Do you know about any classes that you plan on taking next year?

Landree: I know I’m going to take harmonic band or no, I don’t know I know that I’m going to take band for sure. I’m pretty sure spanish because I want to learn other languages.

Emily: So are you looking forward to next year?

Landree: Yeah because that’s going to be the last year in the middle school.

Emily : What tips would you give the other students that are coming to EMS?

Landree: I mean to not really be nervous because everybodys different so for them to just be themselves.

Emily: And how would you give them tips about staying concentrated during online learning?

Landree: Just finding a space that doesn’t have like too much stuff around them and  like turning off your phone and maybe check [your phone] in between classes.

Emily: Is it easier for you online or in person?

Landree: Oh, It is way easier in person because I can’t focus ever, not even in actual school so it’s just worse online.

Emily: Would you say going to school online or in person is more stressful?

Landree: At the beginning of the school year probably at school because you have to figure out your schedule and stuff but, when you get used to it online learning.

Emily: What things in school what do you enjoy most?

Landree: When we are able to go I like seeing my teacher the most and a lot of my friends.


I got to learn a lot about Landree Kinsey. She likes playing soccer and likes seeing friends. You should meet someone new and try to learn about them as much as I did about Landree. Thank you for reading my story.