Tate Is Born!


Me and Tate before our cousin’s wedding.

Paige Newland, Contributor

Have you ever had an event that changed your life? I know I have! It was on April 3,2013. From that day forward I was no longer the baby of the family.


Before we knew we were going to have a little brother, “normal” was me, Paige, the littlest, always getting whatever I wanted and Grace, the oldest. But that all changed on the day that we went to Montana Mikes. That is when our parents told us that we were going to have a little brother named Tate. I was so excited! After that came preparing for Tate, we had to make him a room first. We decided that it would be K-State themed. We painted one wall grey, I remember helping put the K-State decal on the wall and we picked out his crib and changing table too! Then we got the baby essentials and we were ready for Tate.


A few days before Tate was supposed to be born, Grace and I headed up to our grandparents house. While we were there, we got our nails done and they said, “lil sister” and “big sister.” On the night of April 3rd we got a call. Tate had been born! I was so excited to finally be a big sister! The next day we headed to the hospital. When we got there, there were lots of friends and family in the room. When I finally got to hold Tate I was so happy to finally feel his soft baby skin.


When it was finally time to go back to grandmas I was sad to leave them, but I was also sort of glad because I was jealous that Tate had all of the attention. I remember seeing Tate in his bed for the first time once we got back from grandmas. I was glad he was safe and sound in his new bed, that is until he started crying. From then on, until he was about a year old, there was a lot of crying and diapers but when I got to hold him it was all worth it.


Be sure that you cherish all those small moments because now Tate is 7 years old and him being born seems like yesterday. Although there are some rough moments, he has been such an amazing sibling to have.