Trampoline Of Doom!!

This is what my trampoline looks like.

This is what my trampoline looks like.

Brody Telfer, contributor

Nets on trampolines don’t exactly protect you from breaking your neck. On one beautiful day my brother Keegan and my sister Allissa and I went outside to jump on our trampoline. It was a really nice day, not too hot nor too cold. I could feel the breeze as I walked outside to the trampoline.

 We were trying to decide what game to play on the trampoline. We decided that we were going to play Dead Man.  We all climbed onto the trampoline. “Not it” my brother yelled immediately. Not even a second after my sister yelled “not it”. That meant I was the dead man. I slowly laid down and closed my eyes as Keegan and Allissa ran around me yelling “dead man, dead man come alive. when we count to the number five 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, come alive.”  I shot up and ran around with my eyes closed trying to tag everyone. We played Dead Man for a while and got bored of the game.

 Then Keegan said “I have an idea.” He waited to tell until Allissa said “well, what is it.” Keegan said, “we should move the trampoline over to the tree and jump off onto the trampoline.” Of course, me being the smart one, said “That sounds like a terrible idea we’re probably going to get hurt.” Both Keegan and Allissa nodded their heads saying, “whatever. “the only one that’s going to get hurt is you.” I thought to myself “well maybe they are right I just shouldn’t do it I’m going to get hurt.” After a while moving the trampoline my brother jumped up, grabbed a branch from the tree and started climbing. Right after him Allissa jumped up in the tree and climbed behind Keegan. Keegan got to the top and didn’t even try to think of how bad of an idea this was, he jumped.

Landing on his back and then onto his feet yelling “wow that was fun you have to try it!” I didn’t want to jump off the tree but Keegan convinced me to. I climbed up a tree and stood behind Allissa. I was kind of nervous to go but seeing Allissa jump off bouncing on her back I thought “I can do it no problem.” I looked down, and jumped. I thought landing on my butt would be the best idea, right? Well soon after I learned it was not a good idea to even jump off the tree in the first place. I was falling, bounced on my butt, and realized I was upside down. I landed on my neck then onto my back. Laying there in pain Keegan and Allissa ran up saying “Are you ok.” I said “ I think so” in my head thinking “I told you it was a bad idea.” The rest of the day I just rested on the couch watching my favorite show “Clarence.” 

If you have ever wanted to do something dumb, like me, I recommend not doing it. Some things that sound fun aren’t always going to be fun. In my case jumping off my tree onto my trampoline was not fun. This is the time when I hurt myself on our trampoline.