All snowflakes are different

All snowflakes are different

Emily Spellman, Editor

Do you have a favorite season? Is it Spring? Winter? Fall? Maybe it is summer? I am going to tell you about my three reasons I like Winter!

In winter when it is cold it snows. I love to go out in the snow and build things out of it. You can build igloo(s), you can have snowball fights, you can even go sledding.

My second reason is because it is so cold you can sit inside and watch movies and drink hot drinks. You can also lay in front of a heater wrapped in a blanket.

My third reason is that the cheer around that time of year. You have Christmas and New years. For Christmas the anticipation of the morning where you have a delicious breakfast, open presents, and see your family’s reaction to the things that you got them. (and what you got) With New year’s you stay up till midnight and celebrate the coming of a new year.