Bottled Water Review

The differences between a good and bad water bottle.

The differences between a good and bad water bottle.

Justin Mauzey, Contributor

Today we will be looking at water brands and which ones are worth it. The main three will be Dasani, Aquafina, and Nestle Pure Life. We will be ranking them by they’re price, materials, and the taste. 

Let’s first take a look at Dasani, which a lot of people call a “yikes” because of what it is made of. The price is fairly cheap, just around $3.99. It has additives in it, which causes dry mouth and abdominal pain. The chemicals inside can, at certain levels, cause birth defects or even death. The material of the bottle isn’t well either, as it can be very slippery to hold at times, also making it uncomfortable. Would not recommend buying. 


Let’s look at our second defender, Aquafina, this brand’s bottles have plastics that can cause liver problems, reproductive issues, and even cancer. The price of this ‘killer’ drink is around $2.99. The taste of this could be a lot better as it’s bitter and sweet almost at the same time. Would not recommend this. 


Last but not least is Nestle Pure Life, has got to be the safest one in this review, right? If you guessed right, well then you are! This brand has made it around 40 countries bringing them the safest water.  The price of this water is around $6.99, though it may not be the cheapest, it is the safest out of this review. The taste of this drink is soothing and feels really nice. The material of the bottles are also very well made. Would recommend it to anyone buying water bottles. 


In conclusion, the cheapest might not always be the safest. It may be a risk, but you’re the one taking it. While Dasani and Aquafina are very bad, they are still drinkable, just with caution of course. Recommending the safest would be for the best.