Paige’s Pets: How To Take Care of a Fish


Have you ever wanted a betta fish?

Paige Newland, Editor

Imagine, You are sitting on your couch and you think “I need a friend.” Next you think about who your friend could be and boom, lightbulb, I want a Betta fish! But, how am I going to ask my parents? Then you think “I am just going to ask!” They then proceed to say, “You don’t even know how to take care of a fish.” Well I am here to change that. I have had many Betta fish so I can give you some tips and tricks on how to take care of them.


The first thing you need to know about taking care of a fish is what they need. Different fish have different needs, but betta fish you want to use spring or tap water. You also want to have Betta Safe Water Carer that makes sure that the water is perfect for your fish. You can get that from at this link: . Another thing you should have is a fish tank. We always had a fish bowl, so either is fine. We also always put a few decorations in the tank. If you have multiple fish you want to have a separator. You also want to have fish food, we always used Betta Min Small Pellets. Finally you want to have a little Betta fish net so you can move your fish to a different bowl of water while you clean its water.


The second thing you need to know about taking care of a fish is how to tend to it. Betta fish eat everyday just like us. You can feed them a few of the pellets at a time, because they eat different amounts of food each day, so once they stop eating the pellets you put in the tank you can stop. You also want to clean out the fish’s tank/bowl about every week. To do this, you take a small bowl and put some fresh water in it. Then you take the fish net, pick up the fish and put the fish in the small bowl of water. You then take the bowl and clean out all of the poop and food that was left. Then you fill the bowl back up with the water and remember to put the water carer in. Finally take the bowl with the fish in it and put the fish back into the water. And that is really all you have to do; fish are really easy to take care of.


The final thing you need to know about taking care of a fish is how they act. Betta fish are very independent. The fish fight if they are put together in the same tank, and that is why you would want the fish separator. They like to have their own space. During the day, fish don’t do much; they obviously just swim around. Most of our Betta fish that we had just slept all day and they liked to swim around when we were next to the tank. That is why they like to have plants and different things that create shade, it creates a good place to sleep. Overall, fish are very calm and just chill.

Now that you know what Betta fish need, how to tend to them, and how they act, go ask your parents. But if you want to make an even stronger case, find a fish on and make it even harder for them to say no!