Blue birds


Maddox shivley, Contributor

Did you know that male bluebirds are prettier than female bluebirds? We have a nest box in our backyard and in the late winter a family of bluebirds was checking it out. In the first two weeks of March the blue birds start to build their nest. So, I am going to tell you about bluebirds.

Bluebirds breed across western North America as far north as Alaska. They can have two different nests in a year, which means they breed two times a year. Some of the food that bluebirds eat is mealworms, worms, sunflower seeds, and fruit. 

Bluebird families are really cool because when the female is sitting on the eggs the male goes and gets the food for the rest of the family. But when they have not laid the eggs, the female will get the food but the male will sit on the power line or like a tree or something but they do that to protect the female.

Homes for bluebirds are really cool. All it is, is a box with a pull keeping it up but they love it. We built houses and we have at least one blue bird family come to the house and lay a nest. Most of the time the bluebird will choose a nesting house than just to be in a tree because it is warmer and no predators can get in.

In my opinion, I think bluebirds are really cool. For one they look amazing. If you ever see a bluebird just watch and see what it does. They have so many characteristics. Just watch a video of them. Hopefully, you can build a bird box and get a visit from your own family of blue birds.