EMS Interview- Jackson Meinke


Jackson Meinke hard at work playing baseball

Tristan Acevedo, Contributor

 Jackson is super outgoing and will talk to anyone. He is a great student and is very kind. He will help others with work and help people even out of school. When he gets free time at home he plays video games.



Q: Tell me about your pets.

A: I have 3 Dogs, one of them is a Shih Tzu another one is a GoldenDoodle and Cockapoo. They are all Male. My Shih Tzu name  is Wilson, Cockapoos name is Duke, Golden Doodle Samson”.

Q:Are they inside dogs or outside dogs?Why?

A: “They are inside dogs because they’re not big dogs”

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Q: What do you think of social media?Why?

A: “I love social media, because I can talk with friends”

Q: What’s your favorite Social Media app?

A: “I have a few apps but mostly Snapchat”

Q: Tell me what you do on social media?

A: “My first social media was Tik Tok, and on Tik Tok I watch videos, on Instagram I take pictures, and On Snapchat I text friends.

Q:How much time do you spend on social media?

A: “About 5 hours a day out of school and 2 hours a day on a school day”

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Q:What sports do you play?

A:Baseball, basketball, and Football

Q: Do you Play any Sports for the school

A: I play Football for EMS and I am going to try out for BasketBall

Q:Do you play any sports at home with Family?

A: I play Catch with my dad for football

Q: What’s your favorite sport? Why?

A: Baseball, I don’t know why I just do




Jackson is outgoing and friendly. You should play basketball or maybe even baseball with him some time.  Maybe you could try some of the things he does or state your opinion on social media.