Bump, Set, Spike All the Way


A volleyball flying over the net.

Summer Bazan, Contributor

When I first touched volleyball I knew I wanted to actually play. Of course, I was really inexperienced at first but now that I have practiced every day I have really gotten the hang of it. When you are playing you really want to try to get a bump, set, and a hit. You can only have three touches on the ball before it goes over. 


Bumping, setting, and hitting is the most convenient way to get the ball over the net. Bumping is a super important thing in volleyball. Bumping is when you hit the ball off of your forearm. You are trying to pass it to a setter. The setter tries to bounce the ball off their fingers so that they can get it up high for the hitter. If you are tall you will most likely be a blocker and hitter. The hitter tries to send the ball over the net to a place where the other team can’t get it.


Now serving is the hardest thing about volleyball, it is the first hit in the whole game so that means you really want it to go over. When you serve you once again really want to send it deep so they struggle hard to get it back. When you serve you really want to have a strong hand. Or, if you can’t serve overhand, you could just serve underhand. Underhand is a lot easier and more guaranteed to get it over the net.


Now, once you get really into volleyball you will start learning about rotations. Rotations are extremely complicated and hard to get used to.  You have to rotate if you win a rally that the other team started. When you get your rotation you either have to switch with someone or move over a spot. So without rotations volleyball would not be as organized and honestly more confusing.


Volleyball will now always be either a big or small part of my life now. Right now I don’t know if I will play in high school and college. I for sure plan on trying out when I get old enough. Now, here are some of the top 10 most powerful hits in the volleyball world record. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-wWA_lac9w