Lyon County Fair 2021


Lyon County Fairgrounds

Kelsey Shull, Contributer

From August 5th-14th, people from all over gathered at the Lyon County Fairgrounds to go to the fair and demolition derby, To get the food,  play the games and go on the rides.


Some rides they had at the fair were the Ring Of Fire, which was the closest ride to an actual roller coaster. Zero Gravity is a ride where you are basically suctioned to the side and held by a wimpy seat belt and it spins up, down, to the side very fast. The Hang Glider is where you’re laying on your stomach and strapped down the ride goes up really high and down really low fast. Then the Ferris Wheel where you sit in a seat and it just spins upright and will stop anywhere, which is why some people are scared of going on the Ferris wheel. Also, can’t forget about The Scrambler where you sit on a chair and it spins around all directions around everywhere quite quickly. Not only can you ride the rides but you can also eat food, and play games to win prizes.


At the fair, food-wise, they have hotdogs, cotton candy, soda, lemonade, chicken legs etc. The fair also has games like basketball, which is basically normal basketball but you win a prize if you have a certain amount of baskets. Another one is basically fishing where there’s a duck with a number on the bottom and that number determines the size of the prize. Also, there is one where you try and shoot a can and there’s different sized can, the size determines the size and amount of prizes. There’s one that you shoot water into a hole and the person that does it the fastest wins.


I decided to interview some people that were at the fair, Like my classmate Mariah.
Q:What was your favorite ride at the fair?
A:The Rockstar
Q:Did you play any of the games, If so which one was your favorite?
A:I played a few games but I didn’t really like any of them.
Q:What was your favorite thing you ate and/or drank there?
A:Funnel cake
Then I interviewed my other classmate Leo.
Q:What was your favorite ride you went on?
A:The Hang Gliders
Q:What was your favorite game you played?
A:I didn’t play any games
Q:If you ate/drank anything at the fair, what was your favorite thing?
A:Funnel cake
Wow, People really do love funnel cake.


I personally really enjoyed the fair I thought it was a lot of fun. My favorite rides were Zero Gravity and the Scrambler, But I did not like the Ring Of Fire and one I don’t know the name of.I really liked the lemonade but it was kinda expensive, fair food, in general, is pretty expensive. I went with my brother, cousin and, at the time, my brother’s girlfriend but now ex-girlfriend, we went to the fair while my parents went to the demolition derby. If you ever get the chance to go to the fair, I highly encourage you to. It can be a lot of fun. If you want to learn more about the Lyon County Fairgrounds, check out their Facebook Page .