4 Ways Cats Can Be Angels


kitty cat

Summer Bazan, contributer

Here I will be telling you some ways that cats can be angels. But every cat is going to be different in the first place, this is just what I have seen or experienced with my 3 cats. They are mainly jerks but can be very sweet too.


So, first of all, they can just be super sweet randomly and completely confuse you, this happens to me all the time. Like I will be sitting on the couch, and I have this one cat that is a complete jerk. She randomly just comes and acts like she wants to be nice. Then of course she will just leave right away right after you stop giving her attention.


Next, when you give them what they want, when you usually don’t, they will just become in a better mood just in general. Like for example, you fill their food up when they have been hinting they need more they will be happier with you. Which is explainable because when I get what I want I am in a better mood.


Almost last, something fun you can do with your cats to make them pretty much do anything is bribing them with cat treats or catnip. At least my cats will do absolutely anything to get cat treats. But when they are done eating it then they will act like they want more and you just have to ignore it.


And lastly, this is an obvious one, when you pet them in just the right spot they stay by you and purr. When cats purr that just means they are happy with what you are doing. But the sad thing is when you stop they might leave or just act like you don’t exist anymore.


So in conclusion, those are my three ways that cats can be sweet. If it was a vote i bet we would all vote they are mostly jerks. But that just makes it better when they are sweet, because it is like a special treat for us.