Interview With a Percussionist


Most percussion instruments

Leo Sonnakolb , Contributor

Have you wondered what the daily life of a percussionist is? A percussionist is a person who plays the drums, marimba, and others. Well, now you can find 14 new things about one. You know about their band life, their daily life, and their life during the summer. So the first topic is band.

What is your favorite percussion instrument?
“ My favorite percussion instrument is the bass drum.”

How often do you practice?
“I practice at least 12 hours a week.”

How long have you been a percussionist?
“I have been a percussionist for over 3 years.”

Why did you become a percussionist?
“I became a percussionist because there are so many possibilities for me to play different instruments.”

Have you wanted to switch instruments, why?
“No, I have not thought of changing instruments because I feel like percussion is what I want to do and I feel like I belong when I’m playing percussion. “


Daily Life
What is your favorite class, and why is it your favorite?
“My favorite class is band because I feel like I belong.”

Do you talk about the band at home?
“Yes, I do talk about the band at home because my mother was a band kid and she helps me with some of my music.”

Have you been to any parades? What is your favorite parade to march in?
“Yes, I have been in 2 parades and the Day of the Dead one was my favorite.”

Does your family let you go to the band events happening in the area if now why?
“Yes, they do let me go to band events.”

Summer Life

Do you practice during the summer? If so, how long do you practice?
“Yes, I do practice during the summer about the same, maybe a little more than I do during the school year.”

What events are there during the summer? When do these events happen?
“One of my favorite band events during the summer is band camp which is the first 2 weeks of June. I have a lot of fun there. We work on a lot of music and get to the march.”

Do you go to any of the events? Which ones?
“I go to band camp and that’s about it.”

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
“To go to band camp and see my friends.”

Now that you know some new things about this percussionist, I bet you’ve been wondering who it is. It would be Abby Lutes. Now that you know that stuff, would you want to try a band? Maybe you could find something new about yourself and find a place to belong.