Chocolate vs. Vanilla

      There are many important arguments out there, but the most important is definitely which is better: chocolate or vanilla? They are both delicious and wonderful, but everyone favors one or the other. Want to know why we think one is better than the other? Keep reading!

      (Lenia) When it comes to cupcakes, I think that vanilla cupcakes are better. My reasoning is that vanilla is original and simple, making it the best. Cupcakes are meant to be simple, and when they are overwhelmed with chocolate flavor it makes them not taste good. Vanilla is wonderful, in cupcakes and in almost everything! Also, everyone likes to have beautiful, glowing skin, right? Well, vanilla is actually proven to help with skin. It helps because of the antioxidants and B vitamins in it. Vanilla can actually help calm nausea, and make you relax. So, the next time you are feeling sick, eat a vanilla cupcake!

     (Emma) As many think of vanilla as the best flavor, some people have different ideas. For some people, like me, chocolate has a better taste. I think that chocolate is better and here are some of my reasons why. “Today, chocolate is lauded for its tremendous antioxidant potential. The higher the cocoa content, the more health benefits there are and the less sugar content, which is better for overall health” Link. If you want to read on what chocolate does to the brain, go to: Why the Brain Loves Chocolate. I also love chocolate because you can add different things in it, such as more chocolate, gummy worms, marshmallows and other treats like that. Chocolate also comes in more varieties of things to eat. Ice cream, cupcakes, custards, and much more!

       (Lenia) Ice cream is a very popular, refreshing snack that you have probably eaten at some point in time. It is delicious! If you want to know which to try, I would recommend vanilla.  There are many different kinds of ice cream that are actually fancy versions of vanilla. Such as, cookies ‘n cream, chocolate chip, and many more! It is the classic sundae flavor. Chocolate, just doesn’t seem to fit in the original sundae we know and love. And, if we are technically speaking, vanilla was used as a flavoring first. It is exotic and the bean actually comes from Mexico. It was first discovered many years before this, but in the year 1521, Hernan Cortes took the beans back to Spain and they became popular from there on out.

      (Emma) Chocolate (along with strawberry and vanilla), is one of the main ice cream choices. Though these are simple in flavor, I think that chocolate is the best. In addition, there are multiple types of chocolate ice cream, dark, white, and milk chocolate. Chocolate ice cream can have loads of different things included in it! Such as chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate and strawberry syrup. A more “fancy” form of chocolate ice cream is called gelato. “It is churned at a much slower rate, incorporating less air and leaving the gelato denser than ice cream” (Link).

      Which do you prefer? Which is healthier? You can decide, but make sure to argue respectfully. We hope that you enjoyed why we think chocolate and vanilla are both wonderful! Happy eating!