Amazing Animals: How to Take Care of Your Very Own Sea Monkeys


These are adorable little Sea Monkeys swimming around with a pirate ship.

Cadence Butler, Senior Reporter

Pets are a big responsibility. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, you should start off with something easy. Something really easy, if this is your first time as a pet owner you might want to consider getting something simple. One of the easiest pets to take care of are Sea Monkeys. I know what you’re thinking, what are Sea Monkeys? How much fun can they be if they are that easy to take care of? To know the answers to these questions, continue reading!

You can basically buy sea monkeys anywhere. I would recommend buying a kit with the plastic container included. First, pour in the recommended amount of water, bottled or distilled, it doesn’t matter as long as the water isn’t chlorinated, tap water, or carbonated. Once you fill up the tank with the water, let the water sit inside for a bit, just until the water is room temperature. Sea Monkeys don’t breathe water, they breathe air. So every day you need to aerate their water. You can do this by sticking a turkey baster or an eye dropper into the water and squeezing so the tanks water should have enough oxygen, or you might need to buy an oxygen pump.  Then, you should add in the water purifier/salt packet (which should come with your kit). It is important to put the packet in or your sea monkey eggs won’t hatch. Next, you put the salt packet in, you should stir it and let it sit for about a day or 36 hours. After that you should put in the Sea Monkey eggs. Stir them with a clean spoon. Your Sea Monkeys won’t hatch for about five days. Each day you should yet again aerate your tank at least twice. After those five days your Sea Monkeys should hatch, but don’t feed them. You should wait at least five more days to feed them. Your Sea Monkey kit should’ve come with a feeding spoon. Use the feeding spoon to take a small amount of Sea Monkey food and sprinkle it in there. This is where another five day period comes in, feed your Sea Monkeys once every five days. Sea Monkeys are transparent so don’t freak out if you can’t see them.

Sea Monkeys don’t like being in a too cold or too warm place. Put their tank in a place that has indirect sunlight. If your Sea Monkeys aren’t growing, it’s likely because the temperature is too cold. Put them in a warmer room. By now you should be seeing some green algae. Don’t clean it because your Sea Monkeys should feed on it. Which means that you shouldn’t use the Sea Monkey food as much. If you see white cotton ball stuff floating around in your tank you should immediately take them out, because they are a type of harmful bacteria. Sea Monkeys don’t live for long but they have a high mating rate so you should have a continuous supply of them.

I just want you to know that your Sea Monkeys won’t look like they do on the packaging. On the packaging they might appear to be humanoid looking. But they’re actually a hybrid species of brine shrimp. Your male Sea Monkeys have whiskers under their chins and will fight for female attention. The female Sea Monkeys can even reproduce just by themselves, which is really weird. All Sea Monkeys are kind of strange. For example when they’re first hatched they have one eye, but grow two more when they are older. They’re attracted to light so you can even play with them with a flashlight. They also breathe through their feet! I mean that’s crazy!  Can you imagine what we would smell if we we could breathe through our feet?

I really hope that you look into getting a Sea Monkey kit. I remember having Sea Monkeys when I was little, and I loved them. They’re really fun to take care of and watch. Ponder over if you want Sea Monkeys, which are easy to take care of or something harder with more work involved. Thank you for reading!